Handkerchief Hitty Clothes

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Your Swap Leader  is :  Kjerstin

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 Hankie (or Scarf or Bandanna) Dress Swap!

Is the weather warming up in your town?  You know our Hittys would love some new summer clothes.  A little piece of lightweight cloth with four hemmed sides hm-m-m a lot of possibilities spring to mind.  If you look back in the picture files, you might spot an outfit made from a Bandanna, or a dress from a silk scarf, or you might get a peek of some lace-trimmed underwear, a dainty apron or underdress made from a lace-trimmed vintage hanky.

Check your hanky pile, or find a dollar store with hankies, see what you can come up with! Start with a hanky/scarf/bandanna, and sew some nice Hitty clothes to trade! 

Gale to Denise

Robin to Laura

Susan K. to Gale L.

Ashley to Susan

Susan to Ashley

Laura to Robin

Kathleen to Helen

Kjerstin to Sylvia

Helen to Kathleen

Sandy to Pauline

Pauline to Sandy

Sylvia to Kjerstin

Denise to Susan K.