Hittygirls Hitty Anne Model
 Resin Casting

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How to order your Official
 Hitty Anne model Resin Casting.
Cost: $40.00 (covers the shipping and packaging costs)
We may need more molds for this order.  

 One Whole Hitty Anne model: US$40.00  

$40.00 One Hitty Anne model
each additional Hitty casting ordered will be $35 each.

1.  Email julieoldcrow@gmail.com and ask to be added to the        list.
  INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS!  Hittygirls mods and Julie      are not responsible for chasing down anyone who forgets        to add the address. (Unfortunately, yes, this is an issue.)

2. You may pay be check, money order, or PayPal.
     PayPal address is: northerncrowcountry@gmail.com

3.  Wait for our order to be made, and then the Hitty Anne            model to be cast.

As soon as the Hitty Anne model is cast and mailed to Julie, she will send you your Hitty Anne model!   Arrival Dates are up to the Caster, depending on her schedule.

Finish off and share your amazing Sara Cole Hitty Anne model!

No limit on number ordered.  We can order as long as the molds holds up. When the molds fail--no worries!  We'll hold a fund raiser and get another mold and cast more!

Hitty Anne model
has to be ordered first and then cast, and then mailed to Julie and then mailed to you.
This takes several weeks.