Being a Member of Hittygirls is a Privilege, not a Right.

Rules of Participation


This group is a discussion and play list for Hitty, a small wooden travel doll.  In order to understand our play and to join in you will need to read Hitty: Her First Hundred Years, by Rachel Field.  You can borrow this book from the library or purchase it online for a reasonable fee.  Other modern books about Hitty have been written by Ellen Weiss and Rosemary Wells.

We have three Hitty-related lists.  Hittygirls is our Mothership. Under it we have Hittygirls-Real-Life (for discussing RL with other hittygirls members) and Hittygirls-WoodenWorld (for playing with wooden Hittys and her like-sized wooden friends only—coming soon!).  You must be a member of Hittygirls to join our other two lists. Please do not cross-post/forward pictures or messages from any of our three hittygirls lists.  (Moderators only may do this at their discretion.)

Members may NOT be on Special Notice only.  You may choose any of the other mail-reading options yahoo provides.  Members MUST have at least a first name on the yahoo profile to be admitted to play.   Posts may be signed with a real first name or a pseudonym, as long as we have a first name on file.  If you belong to any of other groups under the Hittygirls umbrella, we ask that you use the same name in your emails.  Email addresses may be different as long as we know who is talking.

You are allowed one membership to our lists. If you get a new email address, please remember to remove your old membership and then ask to rejoin with your new membership.  ‘Secret’ accounts, multi-accounting, and memberships designed to deceive members into thinking you are someone else are considered fraud, both by Hittygirls and Yahoogroups.  Anyone found employing such accounts will be (and have been) banned for life from our play, and reported to Yahoo.  The single exception to this would be a pre-approved activity within the group.

We have a strict policy regarding negative comments--and this applies to auctions as well as to list members. Anyone posting negative comments will be placed on moderation immediately.   

Any arguments formed within the confines of the Hittygirls list may not be taken privately.   This is considered harassment, not only by Hittygirls rules, but by Yahoogroups rules, and can result in being banned from both venues.  If you experience private harassment you can report it to a Mod or to Yahoo.  Mods will not get involved in any private fights, but we can help you figure out how to block and/or report someone who is harassing you.

Posts received within the list may not be forwarded to other lists, forwarded to non-members, displayed on web sites/blogs, or made public in any Social Media.  This is a private discussion list, and any posts within the list are made with the assumption and right of privacy.  This does not include swap messages or other activities that may require private discussions.  This is a Hittygirls rule and a Yahoogroups rule.

No flaming, no religious or political discussions, no forwards, no spam, no multi-list health alerts, no chain letters of ANY kind, no virus alerts (because most of these turn out to be hoaxes anyway) and no messages of the 'please forward this to everyone you know' type.

No off-topic (non-Hitty) posts may be sent to our list. We have a separate list for those wishing to get more involved with other hittygirls members. Please join hittygirls-real-life at yahoogroups to discuss real life.  Also, no posts with ‘off topic’ in the subject line. If our members wish to read off topic posts, they are already members of the RL group. If you have a RL post you think should be sent, please send it first to a Mod, who will distribute your post if applicable. 

The only exception to this rule would be the death of a Hittygirls Member. If you would like to pass along this news, please send the particulars to any Moderator or your list owner, and it will be sent to the list as a Special Notice.

No privately promoted charity events or benefits, unless approved by the Mods.   Charity events will be limited to catastrophic events we wish to help, such as our Tsunami and tornado relief auctions of the past.  Any member may suggest a charity event to the Mods at any time, and the Mods will make the decision to make it a list activity.  Our Hittygirls-Real-Life can be used to promote any charity events or benefits, as this is the list we set up to discuss Real Life events.

Promoting your eBay sales through posted announcements to the list is allowed, as long as the sales are Hitty-related. However, keep in mind that this is primarily a discussion list, and if you post sales, you are expected to create other posts also. In other words—to sell on our list, you must play on our list. We also have an in-list sale venue, the Z-Hitty Sale Items photo album. This will be purged monthly to keep it current and clutter free. (You are welcome to post again at the beginning of a new month.)

On Hittygirls, we maintain monthly and special event photo albums. We do not allow personal albums on this list.  If you forget and start a personal album, we will move your pictures to the current month/appropriate album for you, and delete the empty album.  (Hittygirls-Real-Life and Hittygirls-WoodenWorld permit private albums).

Photos submitted for our pleasure need to include Hitty.  While we welcome Hitty’s like-sized friends, this is a Hitty list, so we need to see Hitty having fun with her friends.  Of course there will occasionally be exceptions to this rule (photo challenges, etc), but do try to keep to it as much as possible.

While we appreciate a good tag sale, we ask that any finds be Hitty-related, in scale, and not out-scale items.  Of course Hitty play is in the eye of the beholder, but items obviously intended for larger dolls (such as a hair brush the size of Hitty’s leg) would be considered out-scale.

We have a lot of swaps and challenges, and encourage folks to play with us.  We have two categories for swaps:  Advanced and Regular.  To join an Advanced Swap, you will have to go to to find out the particulars.   Only accepted Advanced Swap members will be allowed to join an Advanced Swap.  Regular swaps may be joined by any member.  Once you have been approved for Advanced Swap, this will cross over to our other lists, if applicable.


We understand that these rules may seem strict, but we intend to keep our lists safe and happy for everyone playing inside.  Most of them are common-sense rules, and some are special rules for our specialized list.  We hope you will understand the spirit with which they are created, and come on in to play!