Project Hitty Nanny Hope

Carved by Judy McPherson
Donated by Anita & Hitty Gilliflower

Anita in Denmark has donated this Hitty, carved by Judy McPherson, and invites you to join this project the purpose of which is, that representing Hitty Girls, we donate this Hitty Nanny Hope to a foster child through the american private organisation Kids Peace ( Some of the children they help are orphans or children that had to be removed from their homes for various reasons.
We won't know the name of the child because of privacy reasons but she will be around 8 to 10 years old with an interest in dolls, travel dolls and reading. Hitty Nanny Hope is to live with the girl and hopefully she will be of much consolation to the child. Hitty Nanny Hope will arrive with many belongings and also the book about Hitty and her first hundred years.

This project has been quite some time on the way. Nanny went astray (via US Postal Services!) in South Dakota for many months. Also, sadly our group has lost Bobbie Bates who passed due to illness - Bobbie Bates was quick when Anita had the idea of donating Nanny Hope and kindly offer to be "the American in charge" and collect everything as well as being the coordinator of sending Hitty Nanny Hope traveling to the Hittygirls who would like a visit.
So - after a long time of not knowing where Nanny was and how to go on with the project, Pauline took up the challenge and has continued where Bobbie left and our plan has not changed much.

Pauline will send Nanny Hope to you - IF YOU WANT a visit, but you can donate to Nanny Hope WITHOUT having her sent to you ( just send items to Pauline). You can make something for Nanny Hope - sew, knit, crochet, whatever. Nanny has been staying with Happy at Camp Wannado last year and Nanny Hope has just visited with Kjerstin and the Quimper Street Hittys in Canada and she is now on her way to ??? - .

You can JUMP INTO THIS PROJECT whenever you like - just let Pauline know (or me). This turned out to be a long term thing as I originally predicted but that doesn't diminish the value and the goal of the project.

There will be no hostess gifts - you will get nothing from this project BUT an adventure - and, if it turns out well, why not repeat? there are loads of needing children out there who would benefit from holding a Hitty and having her story read aloud.

So far, we are 14 Hittygirls in the project - we have room for many more so please come and join us.



Hitty Nanny Hope & Hitty Gilliflower


Hitty Nanny Hope


Here are the McPherson Hitty's measurements. It is best to make clothes that open all the way in the back cause she is pegged close to her body and has limited arm movement.

Head Circ.: 5 5/8 inches

Foot: 1 3/8 inches long, 5/8 inches high

Chest: 4 1/2 inches

waist: 4 inches Hip 4 1/2 inches

Arm length from shoulder to wrist: 2 1/2 inches

inseam to floor: 2 3/4 inches

neck circ.: 3 1/2.

She is a robust lady. Pauline



Pauline's Outfit 

Nancy H.'s Outfit 

Sandy E's Outfit


Gilliflower in Yellow Pinny

Nanny Hope celebrating.

Time to say Goodbye!

Now we only have each other

Happy Birthday, Real Hitty!