Free Printable Pattern for a Hitty Life Jacket

Whenever Hitty Lilac and Hitty Hallie play in the creek, Mrs. Plum insists that they wear their life jackets.

To make a life jacket for your Hitty, you will need:

Cut out pattern. TRACE the pattern onto your square of felt. Sew on the drawn line, leaving one bottom open, begtween dots as shown on pattern. Cut around, giving it about a 1/8--1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn right side out. Stuff the far side lightely until you reach the dotted line. Sew across, then stuff the top until you reach the other dotted line. Sew across. Finish stuffing, and sew bottom together. To add belt: Sew the elastic in a loop to one side only of the felt life jacket. (This makes it easier to get it on and off.) You can add decorative bows that look like you have more than one belt, as on real life jackets, or leave it plain as we did. To make the life jacket larger or smaller for differently sized Hittys, merely enlarge or shrink the pattern.

You can also trace this onto orange Foamy Sheets, and glue a black ribbon or black elastic for the waist.