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Belle of The Ball…or NOT

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apron prize/ Belle of the Ball or NOT
donated by Jane E/ won by Margie


Belle of The Ball…or NOT

Is Hitty dressed in her finest gown and ready for The Ball? Is the pumpkin coach ready.

Is she staring at the clock…oh no…midnight!!

OR is she poor little Cinders, dressed in a plain house cleaning frock,

perhaps a little ragged and tattered…and cleaning the fireplace…or one of the dozens of chores the poor girl had to endure?

Two photos allowed in this challenge.


Hitty Meg slaving in the kitchen
She has to cook for every guest at the ball, pooooor Cinderella

Cinderella's surprise!

Poor Cinderella seeing her step sisters

Prince Charming Finds Cinderella


Belle of the Ball
Hitty Noemie is all dressed up for the ball.
submitted by ? ????

It's almost midnight Cinderella
Robin Campbell's dolls are really watching the clock. She loves the dancing dress and the prince. Not much time left.

Off to the Ball!