Memoirs of a London Doll
by Richard H. Horne

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For this book, we are offering a multitude of fun projects! Do them all, or just do one--your choice.
And we are introducing a new sort of activity. Some of the activities can be done right in your
own neighborhood. Hope you will want to do some of them!


Our Maria Poppets

Chapter 1: My Making and Birth
Chapter Synopsis

Make (or acquire) a jointed doll with a wig, in any media - as Mr. Sprat was able to make dolls of various kinds.
Make a doll.
Make your doll a blanket to protect her from the cold wind in the Sprat's house.
Donate a doll and a blanket to a shelter.


Chapter 2: My First Mama
Chapter Synopsis

Make either a Napoleon-style cock'd hat of brown paper OR a Twelfth- cake.
Make a box to hold the doll and her possessions.
Read a child a story
Take a picture of your doll in a cocked hat.
Make a 12th cake for your doll, throw a tea party and wear cocked hats, take a picture
Write a poem


Chapter 3: Twelfth Night
Chapter Synopsis

Make a nightgown and night-cap OR sugar plums.
Mine were the same as these.
Make a blue turban
Make a cornelian necklace for your doll


Chapter 4: The Little Milliners
Chapter Synopsis

Add a strip of blue ribbon around the waist and make a purple cap OR post a photo of your doll dancing.
Make a raspberry tart for your doll
Have your doll wear a blue ribbon around her waist.


Chapter 5: My First Frock and Trousers
Chapter Synopsis

Make the outfit similar to what Ellen and Nanny made for Maria OR make physic in teacup.
Make Maria's first frock and trousers
Take a picture of Maria and a friend in a tent sewing.
Take a picture of Maria Poppet walking in the park.


Chapter 6: The Little Lady
Chapter Synopsis

Make a scarf and bonnet for wearing out OR ma ke/acquire a swan.
Make a scarf and bonnet
Take a picture of Maria with a swan.
Take a picture of Maria in a carriage.
Take a picture of Maria with the doll Achilles.


Chapter 7: The West End of Town
Chapter Synopsis

Acquire one or more of the following: cradle basket, with mattress
and pillow; gold watch on chain; featherbed; wardrobe.
Find or make Maria an instrument so she can make music as well.
Make Maria a featherbed.
Make Maria a watch and chain and photograph her with it.


Chapter 8: A Narrow Escape
Chapter Synopsis

Create a vignette of Maria visiting a zoo OR make a bonnet with veil OR make frock to wear to opera.
Take a photo of Maria at the zoo.
Make Maria a new pink frock.
Make a bouquet of the sweetest flowers.
Make a white lace scarf.
Make a top hat for Maria and take a picture of her in it.


Chapter 9: Doll's Letter
Chapter Synopsis

Write doll's letters and send to another doll--this can be someone on the list or outreach to someone not on the list.
See if you can write a better letter than the Mister!
Make Maria a cambric handkerchief.
Take a photo of Maria taking a photograph.


Chapter 10: Playing with Fire

Chapter Synopsis

Make a bracelet with your doll's name on it.
Extra: Make a ball dress.
Make a bracelet
Take a photo of Maria at her writing lesson.
Take a photo of Maria dancing around the fire.


Chapter 11: The Portrait Painter
Chapter Synopsis

Acquire a new wig OR Maria's journal.
Paint a portrait of Maria
Make a book to help her while away the hours while her paint dries.


Chapter 12: Punch and Judy
Chapter Synopsis

Make a simple wrapper OR create a vignette of Maria watching a puppet show.
Make Punch's baby.
Take a photo of Maria at the Punch and Judy show.


Chapter 13: The City
Chapter Synopsis

Make jacket and cap like a monkey organ grinder OR scarlet and green
dress OR make an organ for Maria to sit on.

Make a bracelet to replace the one the peddler took from Maria
Take a photo of Maria in a red vest like an organ monkey
Make a meal for Maria with a treat of candy and plum cake
Make a tambourine

Chapter 14: The Lord Mayor's Show
Chapter Synopsis

Create a vignette of watching a parade or musicians OR make a pint of hot coffee and bread/butter.
Take a photo of Maria upon a wall.
Make Maria a drum.
Make Maria a supper of macaroni.


Chapter 15: The Lost Bracelet
Chapter Synopsis

Make a new outfit OR plate of roast mutton and potatoes OR box of sweetmeats.
Make Maria some sugar plums.
Donate a doll to a children's shelter.
Make Maria a shawl.


Chapter 16: The New Grand Christmas Pantomime
Chapter Synopsis

Make a Christmas dress of muslin with pink rose trim OR any of the characters or props from the play.
Make a playbill.
Make a white muslin frock with pink roses.
Make a wreath of pink roses for Maria's head.
Take a picture of Maria as the Silver frost Spirit with a silver wand.
Take a picture of Maria as Columbine.


Chapter 17: Conclusion
Chapter Synopsis

Add clothes to her wardrobe OR acquire chest of drawers, bed with blankets and sheets.
Create a vignette of your Maria telling her life history to another doll.
Take a picture of Maria in a Dragonhead.
Make a bonnet and cloak.
Take a photo of Maria and her doll friend.