The Dollshop Downstairs
Written By Yona Zeldis McDonough
Illustrated by
Heather Maione
Chapter Five Discussion and Comments

I've just posted a photo of an intrepid situation on the valley roof at Mrs Beauchamp's - I realise that in the chapter, the rooves are flat ones - but we are using what we've got.

Please disregard the very strange skyline - I was going to suggest odd cloud formations until I realised that a bit of the island of Kos had crept into the photo, ahem.

Robinia is being mum who is settling Lucy who is Anna, in her new Russian mattress. She is also in her new UFO nightie made out of an old silk nightie (and boy, does it drape nicely, due to the oldness) and cloak.

There are also a couple of personages from the next book hanging around for the eagle eyed.

I found this chapter very moving - we have had a lot of coverage of World War One over here in the UK for the past couple of years, with excellent television programmes bringing it very much alive. It also reminded me of a book set in New York of a family living through the second world war (Chaim Potok's um one of his) - and worrying about family in Europe, the helplessness of being in New York unable to help except to pray, but also the safety of being there vs what was going on in Europe (unspeakable). So it was a chapter that spoke very much of the helplessness of children in war, as observers and bystanders of war rather than involved directly themselves.

Then the dilemma which the war very directly imposes on this particular family - of their livelihood. How children so much want to help their parents in difficult times, and thus become more mature themselves - realising the necessity of action to provide for life. Anna's brilliant idea ... (have I got ahead of myself?) which will save the day, and who knows, the future too - but we don't know that yet.