The Dollshop Downstairs
Written By Yona Zeldis McDonough
Illustrated by
Heather Maione
Chapter Four Discussion and Comments

This seemed a short chapter, but a lot happens! War breaks out in Europe, making the family worry for loved ones overseas as well as for the future of their own business, which relies on imported parts. I wonder how many German dolls were destroyed during the two world wars, as being 'made by the enemy'? I know during WW2, a lot of foreign foods got patriotic re-naming. I like how Sophie and Anna are trying to think of ways to help their parents, even though it's also sad that they have to think of such things.

How neat that their mother was able to bring feather beds all the way from Russia! It's not something I would picture as surviving the journey very well. (They talk more about the journey in the second book, too.) Now my dolls are campaigning for a new mattress ... as if it wasn't enough that I built them the GW bed kit last year! I guess for such a growing family, a new mattress wouldn't be totally amiss. Hopefully I will get that done tonight or tomorrow! (But I am NOT going up on the roof to pose a photo shoot!)