The Borrowers

by Mary Norton
illustrated by Diana Stanley

The Borrowers

Week of September 28, 2009


Chapter 13:


Arrietty has found her chance to get upstairs again.  Homily told her that Pod is visiting with "Her", meaning Great Aunt Sophy, and would be gone for at least an hour and a half. This is her chance to get back upstairs; and even though she feels guilty for sneaking out, she convinces herself that she is really doing this for her mother and father. 


She learned well from her father about borrowing.  She made her way through the gates, already opened by Pod, upstairs into the great hall, and up the staircase.  She heard her father talking to "Her" as she skittled by "Her" room on her way to the night nursery to see the boy.


The boy has a response from Uncle Hendreary to Arrietty’s letter.  However, it is very strange.  All he says is “Tell your Aunt Lupy to come home.”  But Arrietty has no idea where Aunt Lupy is.  Then, with a dreadful quietness about the way he spoke, Pod said to Arrietty from the doorway, “I heard your voice just as I was coming out of Her room.”  Arrietty has been “seen” by her father.




Even though she feels guilty for sneaking out, Arrietty rationalizes that she is really doing this for her mother and father so that they won’t be alone in the world any more. 


Now where on earth is Aunt Lupy?  That took me by surprise.  Where did she go? Maybe she got tired of living in a badger set, but I can't imagine her striking out on her own.  And still no word on what has happened to Eggletina.


Yikes, Arrietty has been discovered in the boy's bedroom by Pod.  He held his temper but there was a "dreadful quietness" when he spoke to her.  Did he see the boy?  He must know he was there because he had heard Arrietty talking to someone.  Did he see the letter she stuffed into her jersey?   What is going to happen to her now?  Will she be allowed out to borrow again?  I sure hope so because now that she has been out she will live a very miserable and lonely life if she is kept imprisoned in the apartments under the floor for the rest of her life or until Pod and Homily are gone.