The Hitty Calendar

Laurie Wanat
I'm going to do a calendar just for Hittygirls. We'll collect photos from now until the end of September, then have a couple of weeks to vote on the photos. The top two photos chosen for each month will be included in the calendar. Entry photos for each month should be sent either to Julie or me, or they can be posted on the list (whereupon Julie will scoop them up and post them). The pictures will be placed on the website, since we have a lot more room there.

When you send the pictures make sure you put Hittygirls Calendar in the subject line. Also specify what month you are entering each photo for. Please make sure you have a minimum 300 dpi version of the photos available. You shouldn't send that copy to post (probably too big to send via email anyway), but if a picture of yours is selected for the calendar, I'll need access to the higher resolution picture so that the image quality of the calendar is good.

When voting is done, we'll announce the winners and I'll get to work assembling the calendar. I'll then post the finished product on the yahoogroups site as a high-resolution pdf file that you can download for your own use

Just to recap:

1. Contest runs from now until September 30.
2. Take pictures of your Hitty dolls in situations to represent the various months. Please make sure that you have a minimum 300 dpi copy of the photo available for me to use in the calendar.
3. Send photos to either Julie or me for posting on the website. Make sure your subject line is Hittygirls calendar and that u mention which month each photo is intended for.
4. Voting begins October 1 and runs to October 15. Top two photos for each month will be used in the calendar.
5. Once the voting is done, I'll assemble the calendar, save it as a high-resolution pdf file, and place it on the hittygirls Yahoo site.
Please let me know if I've missed anything or if you have any questions
or concerns that I haven't addressed. Otherwise, get out there and
start taking some pictures!