Hittygirls Challenge

Teacups and Hitty Challenge


Challenge ends: May 31, 2019

Please direct questions to Challenge Leader:  Swap Hostess

hg.swaphostess   @   gmail.com

May is a month of celebrations:

International Dawn Chorus Day May 5th

Mother’s Day May 12th

St Honore (Patron Saint of Bakers and Pastry chefs) May 16th

Victoria Day May 20th

and many other days in May that you and your Hittys might feel like celebrating

Challenge Criteria:

For this challenge, please:

1. Find a pretty human-sized teacup and saucer.

2. Make or find Hitty a matching outfit.

3. Arrange a scene to compliment the outfit and teacup.

4. Photograph the scene, and post it on Hittygirls in the May Challenge folder.

Click edit to rename your image and begin the title with your first name.

Add some details about your teacup photo in the description box.

5. Please post one picture per Hitty+teacup; 

but up to three pictures in total if you create three different scenes with three different teacups!

Please post your Hittys and teacups any time during the Month of May. 

A randomly selected participant will be chosen for a

thanks for participating prize 

on May 31st at 5 pm Pacific time.

**Your name and address must be in the Swap Database
 to qualify for a thank you prize.