Hittygirls Challenges 

April Showers Bring May Flowers Photo Challenge


Challenge ends: April 30, 2019

Please direct questions to Challenge Leader:  Swap Hostess

hg.swaphostess   @   gmail.com

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We hope this proverb will inspire a variety of Hitty activities and photos.

Challenge criteria:
Set up or create a photo setting showing your choice of showery or flowery activities.

Try to arrange your Hitty(s) to show them involved in an activity or interacting with each other.

3. Post one to three pictures to the April Challenge folder of  your Hittys engaging in:

Indoor and outdoor gardening
Showing off raincoats and umbrellas
Splish splashing in puddles
Singing in the rain/shower
Playing in rubber boots, galoshes and wellies

..... or any other relevant showery or flowery activity.

Click edit to rename your image and begin the title with your first name.
Write a description of what is happening in the photo in the appropriate box.

 5. Please take time to comment on the photos posted by others.

6. Your name and address must be included in the Swap/Challenge database to participate.

Looking forward to a deluge of showery flowery photos!
The Challenge will run until April 30, 2019.