Hitty-Sized Calendar Challenge

Let's Make a 2019 Calendar for Hitty!

Let's Make a 2019 Calendar for Hitty!                                                           
Challenge ends: Feb 3, 2019

Please direct questions to Challenge Leader:  Swap Hostess

hg.swaphostess   @   gmail.com

Hitty Lancaster Rose challenges the membership to submit photos

to be considered for a new Hitty calendar for 2019.

    Challenge Criteria:

    1. Take pictures of your Hitty dolls in clothing and situations
     to represent the seasons of the year.
    2. Upload your photo to the Calendar Challenge album at Hittygirls.io
     and specify which season it represents.
    3. Be sure your name is in the title also
    4. Photos need to be full size rather than thumbnail size.
    They can be new for the challenge, or taken since January 1, 2018.
    5. Hitty needs to be in clear focus
     so you may wish to focus on her eyes when you take your photo.
    6. Photos may be Portrait or Landscape
     and Hitty needs to be the main subject of the photo.
    Hitty should not be dwarfed by her surroundings
    or she will not show up in a Hitty-sized calendar.
    We will post some examples in the calendar challenge album.
    Hitty Lancaster Rose and the calendar team reserve the right to choose
    which photos will work best in the calendar from those that are submitted,
    based on number of entries, picture’s orientation, clarity, effectiveness, etc
    The challenge will run to February 3rd, 2019.

Click edit to rename your image and begin the title with your first name and the season.

Add some details about your photo in the description box.
Your name and address must be in the Challenge/Swap Database.