Hittygirls Challenges 

Make a Quilt for Your Hitty

challenge quilt photo example  

Challenge ends: February 15, 2019

Please direct questions to Challenge Leader:  Swap Hostess

hg.swaphostess   @   gmail.com

What Hitty wouldn’t love to have a new quilt? 

Let's have fun creating a wonderful wee doll quilt

that is scaled to the proper size for a Hitty.

The completed quilt is to be photographed and posted in a Hitty Setting.
It is lovely to see the entire quilt too, so that could mean 3 photos per challenge...
in progress, completed quilt, and quilt featured in a Hitty scene.

Challenge Criteria:

 For the quilt Challenge please make a Hitty-sized quilt
 to whatever specifications you wish,
take a picture of it in a Hitty setting
and post the photograph in the January Challenges folder.
You are not restricted to 1.5 inch squares.
The challenge will run to February 15th, 2019.
1. Please post one or more "in progress" photo(s) in the challenge album as you go along
 and give a few details like size of block, techniques used, etc
in the description box,  as well as your name in the title.
2. Post a photo of the completed quilt featured in a scene set up with Hitty.
There are some suggestions and a sample scene photo
in the January Quilt Challenge album at Hittygirls.io
3. optional - post a photo of the completed quilt to show it off in its entirety

 This Challenge can be for people who are thinking of making a quilt
 but are not sure of entering it into the swap...
or just because you want to make a quilt but don't want to give it away.

A lucky person (randomly selected) who joins in the challenge will get a little prize as a thank you for participating...

Once your quilt is created, 

 take a photo of your Hitty with her new quilt in an appropriate setting;

Upload the photo to the January 2019 challenge album.

Click edit to rename your image and begin the title with your first name.

Add some details about your quilt in the description box.

Your name and address must be in the Swap Database to qualify.