Hittygirls Challenges 

Back To School!

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Challenge ends: on the fall equinox, Sept 17th
Please direct questions to Challenge leader, Susan K.

blueheron 91  @  gmail  .com
No spaces.

First day of school photos are traditional in many families and Hitty is excited to embrace that custom.

School may have already started where you live, or your students may still be in excited anticipation mode.

Perhaps you have made a new dress or accessories for Hitty for the fall dress challenge and want to feature them in a school related vignette.
Maybe you prefer to feature existing garments and props in your scene.

Use your imagination and creativity and share 1 to 3 photos of your Hitty(s) enjoying a back to school activity. Challenge yourself to use an uncluttered or theme background excluding unrelated and distracting details. Try to make good use of the viewing space  and choose horizontal or vertical to best focus on your display. 

Here are some free online photo apps that you can try for cropping or other effects.




Be sure your name is included in the subject line.
The photo album has already been established.

Hitty Lancaster Rose is planning a little memento for a random participant.