Hitty Holiday Portrait Challenge

                                        Please be sure to use your name in the photo title… this is the top box under your photo at the website.

People using Windows 10 may not be able to view your name or title if you put it in the lower box.

Just delete the name of the photo that yahoo puts in the top box and add your own title

unless you saved your photo with your name as the title before uploading.

Challenge hostess is Susan Kraftcheck
Deadline is Saturday December 23, 2017

December is a month of holiday celebrations and many families traditionally have a portrait taken in their seasonal finery 
and send it out to relatives and friends on greeting cards.  This year Hitty would like to follow that tradition. Hitty may
choose to have her photo taken by herself or with her pet,
or with other family members.
background should be seasonal but not too busy or cluttered, allowing Hitty to be the main focal point.
Then her portrait should be cropped and framed.  Our goal is to make the portrait look as professional as possible.
A photo of your portrait should be uploaded to the Holiday Portrait Albumor sent as an attachment if Yahoo is uncooperative.
Here is a wonderful tutorial for making a frame:


You may choose to try your hand an antique frame, or you may choose to purchase a small photo frame
( I got one on sale at Hobby Lobby last week), or maybe one of the holiday ornament frames that are available
for the Christmas tree at this time of year.
Maybe you have a suitable frame on hand already. A frame
between 2.5 inches and 5 inches can look in scale for Hitty if she has wall space to display it,

depending on the effect you are trying to create.

Of course you could always use a digital frame for your photo as well, but be sure the photo has a pleasing
background and avoids visual clutter.