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Hittys Fall Finery

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Challenge ends: on the fall equinox, Sept 22nd
Please direct questions to Challenge leader, Kjerstin

kjerstinm at yahoo dot com 

Summer is almost over!   We hope your Hitty will be well prepared for chilly evenings, with longer sleeves, and a cozy sweater or shawl.  Would you like to join me in a challenge to make a new fall dress or outfit for your Hitty?  Why don't you dig through your fabrics and yarns and get knitting or stitching (or crochet or felt or whatever) and make something new and autumnal for your Hitty to wear. 

There is a folder for August challenge and swap images - take a picture of your Hittys Fall Finery, add your name, and post it there! Challenge will end on the fall equinox, Sept 22nd...(hint - this could be an excellent Cyber-Saturday project, the first Saturday of the month on September 2nd)

Since I am hoping many people will post images of their challenge outfits, there will be a small encourager: I have a few little 16-page photocopy booklets with excerpts from a 1916 book called Needle Craft Work and Play.  These will be sent to people, selected by random number generator from those who participate. There are a couple of patterns for doll clothes in it, which wouldn't work for Hitty as-is but are interesting and might be adaptable.

I really want to encourage people to comment on the images that are posted, even if you are not participating in the photo challenge. It is part of the fun, and conversation! Maybe you like the colours, or see something interesting in the background, or simply adore the Hitty in the picture!Do say so, either right on the picture, or as an email to the group.

The people who do post images for the challenge, please do comment on pictures of other people in the same subject!
Have fun with your stitching!