Hittygirls Challenges 

February Quilt, Coverlet or Blanket Challenge -


Please upload your photos of Hitty enjoying her new blankie

in the photo album designated for the challenge, including your name in  the title.

The easiest way to include your name
is to rename your photo with your name
before uploading it to yahoo.

All photos will be added to our www.hittygirls.com website at a later date.

Challenge ends February 29th!
Please direct questions to Challenge leader, Kjerstin Mackie.

kjerstinm at yahoo dot com 

 Make some brand new bedding for Hitty's bed. If you are waiting for a Hitty Anne doll to arrive, it might be fun to sew, embroider, knit, crochet or weave her a new bedcover. If you don't have a Hitty Anne coming,  make one anyway - the Hittys you have will enjoy the new look to their bedroom that a new quilt or blanket will bring! 

Please send us an email telling us about your new Hitty bedcover, and post a picture in the February Swap and
Challenge folder, with your name on the image.  We love to admire and thank people for sharing their creative ideas.

 I will send something delightful and bed-related to a randomly chosen participant in the February Q, C or B Challenge!

Gale L.

Kjerstin M.

Leonarda B.

Lorraine T.

Margie S.

Marylin C.

Pauline N.

Penny G.

Sherry S.


Susan K.

Susan D.

Tree S.