Cherry Pit Doll Challenge

For this challenge, simply take one photo  of this challenge theme
and upload it into the proper folder at our Yahoogroups site.

If you do NOT put your name on the photo in the yahoogroups site, 
I can NOT label it here, 

and you will NOT be eligible to win.

The easiest way to include your name
is to rename your photo with your name
before uploading it to yahoo.

All photos will be added to our website at a later date.

I’m the instigator of this challenge so be sure to address all questions, comments or complaints to
Pictures Below

It’s July!  That’s Cherry Season!  Time to gift the Hittys with cherry pit dolls!

This challenge is an opportunity for you to amaze and astonish the Hittys
and the Hittygirls with your own personal version of a cherry pit doll.

One or more prizes to be awarded to participants at the end of the challenge based on random drawings.

1. Find yourself a big, juicy cherry (any variety will do - the bigger the better!)
2. Eat the cherry, making sure to suck on the pit until it’s clean and shiny (It’s not cheating to clean it with a toothbrush if you can’t get it clean in the usual way.)
3. Carve or construct a body of a pleasing size.
4. Attach the cherry pit head.
5. Attach arms and legs (toothpicks, twigs, polymer clay... whatever)
6. Paint, bewig (yes, I looked that word up and it DOES exist), and dress the little character - making shoes is not going too far.
7. Set the camera on Macro.
8. Take pictures and post them to Hittygirls.

Pictures to be posted in the Cherry Pit Challenge 2014 folder on Hittygirls.
 Be sure to include your name for the drawing!