Hittygirls Junk to Treasure Hunt

"Celebrate Hittygirls and our hundred years by winning "Hitty and Her Next Hundred Years" paperback 
by entering the "Hittygirls Junk to Treasure Hunt"!

For this challenge, simply take one photo  of your 'before' object and one of this challenge theme
and upload them into the proper folder at our Yahoogroups site.

If you do NOT put your name on the photo in the yahoogroups site, 
I can NOT label it here, 

and you will NOT be eligible to win.

All photos will be added to our www.hittygirls.com website at a later date.


Look around your house for simple objects that you can transform into Hitty sized items. Take a tissue box and make a couch. Use a tuna can and crochet around it, stuff the bottom, then around the lid and make a chair! Anything lying around the house that you can find that we would use as human beings that can be  transformed used for Hitty's everyday lifestyle is allowed. An old cigar box for a bed-or old jewelry box, etc. One person's junk is another's treasure, so even more fun if it is something you are no longer using or had lying around the house that Hitty can use. The more creative, the better! Sew, glue, tack, staple...whatever you need to do to make it functional!

When you are done, please submit the photos for the RNG!  The number picked by the Random Number Generator  wins a brand new copy, direct from the publisher, of my book "Hitty and Her Next Hundred Years". Please make sure to have your name and address IN THE DATABASE for swaps at our Yahoo group to be eligible.

This contest begins today and will go until Wednesday, August 15th!
Hopefully that will give those preparing for school time to participate.

Any questions, please post to the group with "Hittygirls Junk to Treasure Hunt" in the subject line.


#1. Leonarda

#2. Kathleen W.

No Name at yahoogroups album. Not eligible for prize.

No Name at yahoogroups album. Not eligible for prize.

#2. Marilyn C.

#3. Susan D.

#4. Hildi

#5. Beth Anne

#6.  Sherry