Are You Ready for Some New Fun?

It's Hittygirl's First KAL!

Ok--just to make sure you all know, a KAL is a Knit-A-Long.  And a Knit-A-Long means
that everyone who participates knits an item on thier own, all at the same time!
In this challenge you will get to keep the item you knit...and everyone who completes their KAL
and posts a picture into the yahoogroups album for this event will be entered to
win a mystery knitted prize from Tree!  Tree will also be running this event--thanks thanks!

A Kal is the type of event commonly held at our sister site, hittysknittys,
but we thought you might like to try one out here on hittygirls.  
And who knows--this could lead to an all knew swap--knitted dresses!
To start, you will need the following supplies on hand:
Darning Needle
2 Knitting Needles size 0
an optional spare needle (Size 0) for joining at the back

Lace weight yarn 
Thin fingering (sock) weight yarn,
 if you are a tight knitter you can use size 1 needles.

This event begins on October 10th, 2012.
It  is in 4 parts, with 2 days between the next part.
There is also a part 5 coming, that shows the variations.

This pattern should be used only for your personal enjoyment or for gift-giving.
The pattern itself should not be traded, sold or posted on any other site.

No need to sign up, just mention on the list you are playing, and when the time comes,
feel free to post pictures of your progress and above all--to ask questions if you get confused!