Dolly and Me Duds!

Hitty and her Dolly want to dress alike!

For this challenge, simply take from ONE to TWO photos
 of this challenge theme
and upload it into the proper folder at our Yahoogroups site.
If you do NOT put your name on the photo in the yahoogroups site, I can NOT put it here, 
and you will NOT be eligible to win.

All photos will be added to our website at a later date.

Willow and her Dolly

Wanda's Raindrop Hitty and her doll

Here's what to do--

Post a picture of Hitty and her tiny dolly  dressed alike in an outfit as simple, 

or as luxurious, as you’d like.

Outfits can be sewn, knitted or crocheted

Hitty's dolly can be a doll, bear, sock monkey, etc. Whatever she plays with the most! 

Challenge ends Jan 31st and a prize will be awarded  using the RNG.


We Love Capes and Bonnets
HItty is butternut. Dolly is cloth. Outfits are crocheted. Dolls and outfits by GaleL.
#1. Gale

Hitty and Her Teddy
#2.  Margie

#3. Leonarda

Vivian and her Dolly
#4. Robin

Dolly N Me Duds
#5. Tammie

Bitty Phoebe and Polly Dolly

Alinda & her doll Alona with crow
#7. Ann S.

Dolly and Me Duds
Hitty Rachel and Dolly
#8. Sylvia Y.

CHEERFUL and her doll, GABI
admire the first blossoms on the Magnolia tree.
#9. Judy

LindaLouise and her CowDoll "Dud's"
#10.  Annie H.


Constance and Peggy
Matching ladybug jammies
#11. Kjerstin


#12 Kathleen W.


Hitty Molly and her dolly
#13 Fung


Hitty Gale and her dollie
#14 Glenda S.