Our First Challenge of 2011

Ends March 1st
When we reach the deadline--REMIND ME!
That's right, we've hidden this picture:

someplace on Hittygirls.com

It's up to you to find it!

February Winner:
Virginia C.--you have won a free class from the Crow.

Here's how you play:  Browse the pages of Hittygirls.com, and have a great time--and keep your eyes open for the picture!

We might put it in with some swaps.  We might hide it half-way behind something. We might make it much smaller.  Who knows what we will do before the end!

When you find it, simply click on the words "You found me!' above the Hidden Hitty picture. An email form will pop up.  In the body, tell us the URL of the page (simply copy and paste the url into the email).   Make sure to give us your whole name, so we can put you on our list for a drawing at the end of the challenge.  When we reach the deadline (remind me, hittygirls!) I'll use the RNG to get a winner. Every time you find it on a different page and email me, you get another entry!  There will be four total pages this time around.

Good Luck!