~ Bon Fête ~
Real Hitty's Birthday is January 22

Hitty's Birthday is coming up on January 22nd!
 And here on Hittygirls, we've decided that anyone who wants to play ought to get a gift.  
But where would all these gifts come from?  Well, we have an idea about that!
Here's How it Worked:

1. Get/Make something to donate.
We're looking for lovely birthday gifts--a dress, a hat, a small article of furniture, a toy, really, whatever you would like to recieve!  
You may send a small (no more than three) set of items, such as a dress, apron and shawl, etc. Use your imagination.
Limit one item/set/prize per person.
Extra sets can be sent and will be added to a Prize Pool for everyone once the main RNG pick has been done.   All senders will be put into the Prize Pool for a chance to win the extra prizes.

 2. Send me a picture,  
 OR put it in the
Bon Fête folder at hittygirls at yahoogroups.
I'll add the picture here.
YOU MUST INCLUDE your name and mailing address
in the Swaps database at hittygirls at yahoogroups,
or you won't be able to get a present!

Please do not mail me the item or send me your address.

 3. On the Real Hitty's birthday, January 22, I will use the RNG to pick the winner of  each item.
After that, I will use the RNG to award
the extra prizes from the Prize Pool.

4. The owner of the gift will be given the name of the winner,
and will be able to go to the Swaps Database at hittygirls at yahoogroups and get the mailing address.

Donator's and Winners will be posted under each picture!
Every single person who donates will recieve an item!
Everyone who donates will be eligible for our Prize Pool drawings.
And everyone who donates will be eligible for our grand prize drawing!

Grand Prize Drawing

One of Maria's Basswood Turned Hitty Blanks
won by Laura S.

Prizes to be Won!

#1 Pauline
(dress and pinny only)
Won by: Leonarda

#2 Tammie
Won by:  Shirlene

#3. Barb D.
Won by:  Sherry S.

#4 Sherry S.
Won by:  Jenny

#5 Denise H.
(Bonnet and cape only)
Won by:  JOC

#6 Leonarda
Won by:  Robin

#7 Laura S.

Won by: Pauline

#8 JOC
Won by: Laura S.

#9 Jenny R.
Won by:  Sylvia Y.

#10 Shirlene
Won by: Denise H.

#11 Janice M.
Won by: Holly

#12 Sylvia Y.
Won By: Helen

#13 Helen G.
Won by: Barb D.

Doggy Dress, and a Pet on a Leash!
#14 Robin C.
Won by: Janice M.

 Handsewn camisole and knickers, made from a
vintage white hankie with multicolored, tatted lace trim
#15 Holly
Won by: Tammie

Extra Presents for the Prize Pool

A. Tammie
Won by:  Holly

B. Barb D.
Won by: Leonarda

Won by: Pauline
 Tan ultrasuede vest and pants plus tan T-shirt and patchwork bag.
D.  Holly

Won by: Robin

E. Holly

(Hitty Not Included)
Won by: Sylvia